Virtual Digital Asset(VDA) Blockchain

VDAhub is a place where you can upload your digital assets, store them privately and securely on our blockchain based infrastructure, or share your digital assets with the public through license or sale of the asset.
VDAhub is both your online storage for important digital assets, and also a marketplace for you to make a profit from digital assets such as photos you take everyday.
VDAhub is also a place where you can license or purchase images or other digital assets from the owners directly without worrying about the copyright issue.
VDAhub team is located in Sydney, Australia.

Your important photos, videos, audios, documents, scanned pictures, and so on, are all precious assets, your virtual digital assets (VDA).

VDAhub offer you following services:

1. Uploading your digital assets to the VDA blockchain.
2. Access it anywhere, anytime through your mobile phone.
3. Obtain a certificate for each VDA that proves your ownership and the upload date.
4. Protect your rights on the VDA before you post them on social media.
5. Share your VDA to social media through VDAhub app. All VDAs (photos) will have watermark and asset id to indicate your ownership.
6. Safeguard the private VDA to prevent them from being lost with your phone, computer or backup disks.
7. Set any of your non-private VDA to be public and put such VDA into our online market for sale or license to other people.