Terms and conditions of using VDAHub.com and VDAhub app.

By creating an account/address on VDAhub app, the user agrees that:

1. The user agrees that their email and contact details are used to register their account.

2. The user will only upload their digital assets (photos, images, videos, data files, designs, graphics, text, programs, etc.), or the assets that the user has full rights, to VDAHub facilities. The user claims and confirms that he/she owns all rights on those uploaded digital assets from the user. The user takes full and only responsibility for any violation of copyrights of other parties caused by the digital assets.

3. The user certifies that all uploaded digital assets comply with the laws of the user's location/country and the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.

4. The user will take the ultimate legal responsibility if they do not comply with the above clause(s) 1 to 3.

5. VDAhub reserves the rights to withdraw the assets from public access or display if VDAhub believes such assets have legal risks. VDAhub will not be liable for any damages such action may cause to the asset owner.

6. VDAhub will not be liable for any damages caused by technical issues incurred by external factors or factors that unforeseen or matters out-of-control.

7. The user agrees that he/she will install any updates immediately when the updates are available, and notifications are sent to the customer through the app.

8. The terms and conditions will be updated when necessary, and notifications will be sent to the user through VDAHub app.

9. All dispute matters will be firstly negotiated between any involved parties, and Australian laws apply to solve the dispute if further action is sought.